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Dating as Natalie Portman

Last Update : March 3, 2017

Intelligence is sexy! It is true that, in spite people do not like to admit it, the first thing one notices, when is out on the dating market, is appearance. Causing a good first impression, and having some sort of physical chemistry is essential when you start dating someone.

However, what really matters in the long-term, especially if you want a relationship to grow strong, and succeed, is sharing similar interests, and values, as well as having an emotional, and intellectual connection with your partner.

One of the celebrities that has the whole package: intelligence, beauty, sensitivity, and attitude is the Israeli American actress, Natalie Portman.

Dating an independent, and smart woman

Nowadays, when it comes to dating, there are many singles, and every day more, and more, that look for a partner that, is well-educated, and has a high IQ level. In fact, there are dating sites aimed at people with an academic level. Dating someone who challenges you intellectually, and is a good conversationalist can be a real adventure!

In addition, most single men look for good-looking women, but what they also want in a woman is a lady who is caring, self-sufficient, and emotionally mature.

Many people say that Hollywood is full of frivolous, brainless stars, but Portman undoubtedly is one of those exceptions breaking the mould.

On many occasions, she has proved she is the perfect definition of an independent smart woman.

On one hand, she has a degree in psychology from Harvard University, and has published a couple of papers on scientific journals.

On the other, she began her acting career playing roles of girls that were more mature for her age, the best example is her performance of Mathilda in “Léon: The Professional” (1994), and currently is only accepting roles that portray independent women that are more than a pretty face.

Dating a feminist woman

The dating scene has changed over the years. Despite some dating norms may still be present (there is still are controversy about who should pay on a first date, for example), nowadays, there is more equality between the sexes.

Dating a woman like Portman, a proudly declared feminist -she once criticised how Hollywood action movies wrongly portray feminist roles-, means that she worries much about balancing her career, and her romantic life, as well as the way you could both equally contribute emotionally, and financially to the relationship. So, get ready to enjoy an egalitarian relationship!

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