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Dating on social networks

Last Update : November 24, 2015

Nowadays the impact of social networks has grown considerably on the web. They allow users to socialize with like-minded individuals and those who have the same hobbies or interests. You can use the internet to find old friend(s), expand your circle of contacts, make new friends and maybe more: this is the essence of social networks. Our dating tips will help you to understand why and how so many singles use social networks for flirting. While the approach may be different from conventional dating sites, social networks still offer an interesting and effective way to look for a relationship on the Internet.

What kind of encounter on which social network?

For arranging entertaining meetings that are fun and fuss-free, there is nothing to compare with social networks, but which ones are best? There are the classics: nearly everyone has a Facebook profile (you don’t? time to get out of your cave!). Being present on social networks is essential when you want to date online.

Having said that, Facebook was not originally designed as a network for those looking for love. Since then, numerous other sites have appeared that are worth considering. Some new networks, of a rather louche nature, are riding the wave at present, bringing together thousands of strangers. Their new members include the curious, couples looking to add a little spice to their relationship, singles and lotharios. These social networks are better for fleeting encounters rather than serious relationships, although, in the world of online dating, there is no hard and fast set of rules!

What about dating apps?

Today, we are constantly connected, which has greatly accelerated contact between strangers, using social discovery apps that utilise the geolocation potential of smartphones. While it was impossible just a few years ago, now we are able to find out who amongst the people surrounding us is single, even if they are perfect strangers!

One of the biggest hits right now is an app called Tinder! Very simple to use, via a mobile phone or tablet, it can geographically locate any other registered Tinder users within X kilometres. This app is not the only one of its kind and is part of a new generation of apps that make virtual meetings ever easier.

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