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Online dating is very trendy nowadays: more and more Irish people are going online to find love to make new friends. But finding the best dating site for your needs is not that easy. Thanks to Best Irish Dating Sites, you will be able to find the one that matches your needs and wishes. We invite you to browse our ranking of the top dating sites in Ireland and find yours at last.


overall rating

membership base

user review

9.8 / 10
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160'000 singles
ideal age20-35
9.6 / 10
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1'000'000 singles
ideal age25-50
8.6 / 10
[ Read review ]
40'000 singles
ideal age25-40
8.2 / 10
[ Read review ]
65'000 singles
ideal age30-45

The right tool when you are looking for love

These days, dating websites are the place to be if you want to meet someone. Things have changed and this big network known as the Internet has become a top communication channel. Whether you are looking for a big love or just a one-night stand, everything is possible. You just have to find the right place that will help you in your “quest”. There are many dating sites in Ireland so comparing them is the only way to make the right choice.
What we offer is in the only purpose of leading you to the website that will make you achieve your goals.

We have made this ranking in Ireland to make you save time and avoid website with low quality. The list we propose is not totally exhaustive (sooo many websites there, we had to sort them out!) but we do hope it will give you a good idea of what they have to offer and help you find your ideal partner.

Find the perfect match with a little help

Are you looking for the mother or father of your future children? Would you like to avoid being alone on some evenings? Are you looking for someone to talk to? All of these are good reasons to go on dating websites, and the vast variety that exists is what makes them so successful. If you want to meet people with similar interests as yourself you will need to share some personal information about yourself. Otherwise, finding common interests with someone will be a lot harder. Try to be honest and true about yourself because this is the most important thing on affinity dating sites for example.
If you would like to meet someone with whom you have a lot of things in common (tastes, political thoughts, education, hobbies…), you will have the opportunity to select many of these criteria and search for them in your potential partner with the search features found on many dating sites. All the sites in our Irish ranking have passed our tests: profile quality, ease of use, reactivity, etc. You will definitely find a profile that catches your eye.

A lot of  successful couples met on the Internet, statistics speak for themselves! It is no longer a myth and real love stories happen!
You only have to do one thing: get in touch with lots of single people. Register on one of the dating sites that we tested for you and fill in your profile to ensure you have best chances of finding the right person! Everybody needs to respect everyone. A dating site’s efficiency depends on the quality of its members, this includes you!
A site like Best Irish Dating Sites is therefor really helpful when deciding on which site to use 🙂

There is no prince or princesses: just you, him or her…

Finding love is not about seconds or minutes, it is a long road. Yes, crushes exist but loving someone is more about learning to appreciate the time spent with him or her and then being attached to the person.
Keep in mind that you may not receive replies to all your messages but remind yourself that there are many singles who will respond positively: many people are looking for love or at least, want to find someone to have good time with.
This is a process that takes some time: starting a discussion online, chatting, sending emails and exchanging phone numbers. Then, there is THE meeting in real life, the crush and a beautiful love story may be born.

The most important factors to building a serious relationship using dating site:

  • Create an exhaustive and honest dating profile
  • Contact singles that match your personality
  • Be patient knowing that there are many people on these websites
  • Be polite and respectful towards the other members, even if a single who you’re not attracted to contacts you.
  • Be honest because it is the best way to build a serious relationship starting on a dating site.

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