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#RelationshipsGoals: What’s the key to happiness?

Last Update : May 10, 2019 by Sarah

Love, happiness, and relationship goals. Who hasn’t been there right?

Apparently, money and fame don’t bring real happiness but having good relationships does. No surprises there.

Actually, according to a recent study by the University of Harvard, called the « Study of Adult Development » the quality of a relationship is what brings happiness.

So what are we really talking about?

A good match and a meaningful relationship!

Relationships, affection, and happiness

The study conducted to 3000 people sine 1938 found out that the quality of a relationship is essential to find real happiness.

A healthy relationship (which could be friendship or of the romantic kind) helps to maintain a healthy brain and overall well-being.

The reason behind it is that people that have good relationships in their life feel emotionally more connected to other people resulting in increased self-esteem.

At the same line, the study also investigated the « security of attachment to spouses in late life » impacting positively in « cognitive and emotional well-being ».

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Social ties, commitment, and love

Harvard has explored how social ties are great predictors of well-being.

Apparently, they are strongly connected to a higher feeling of security which impacts on better marital satisfaction, « fewer depressions symptoms, better mood, and less frequent marital conflicts ».

Money and fame, considered as the factor for happiness for a long time have been now debunked… indeed numerous examples can be found of famous and rich people not reaching the happiness state…

Instead, friendship and love, two elements attainable for everybody independently of the work or social situation, seem to be the two aspects to look for in life.

Luckily, dating sites have opened the international world to individuals and it is way easier nowadays to expand the friendship circle and to find a romantic and meaningful relationship.

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