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Traveling solo while in a relationship: the key to avoid Jealousy

Last Update : May 6, 2019 by Sarah

Jealousy. Undoubtedly one of the scariest emotions when it comes to dating and traveling.

Actually, one of the breaking points for a relationship is when trying to maintain a long-distance relationship.

But not only that, if one of the two of you is traveling solo, then it is common to see an explosive recipe of jealousy, distance, and doubts that tends to destroy many relationships.

So, how to maintain a healthy relationship while traveling?

The key is to avoid jealousy and we will tell you how.

Dating & Jealousy: can it be avoided?

According to Psychology today, jealousy is a “complex emotion that encompasses feelings ranging from fear of abandonment to rage and humiliation”

It is definitely one of the most human emotions and it’d be hard for somebody to claim that they’ve never experienced it.

It is normal to experience jealousy when you feel that your relationship is under threat due to a third party… is it though?

The problem with jealousy is that if you allow the feeling to develop, it’ll escalate uncontrollably. Jealousy tends to be a mixture of low self-esteem with the fear of being betrayed, and perhaps working on those 2 elements could be a way of closing the door to jealousy.

Jealousy and low self-esteem

When you are in a relationship, there’s always the fear of feeling inferior to other potential partners your own partner could betray you with. If you really think about that, it is a very negative thought!

As you’ve probably heard a million times, the grass is greener on the other side, and the same applies to relationships and jealousy.

The thing is that they are probably millions of potential single people your partner could fall for, but, let’s stick to the facts: he/she has chosen to be with you. 

So give your partner some credit and some power of conscious decision and keep in mind that you are the one he/she wants to be with.

Think (or even ask your partner!) about the great things you have or you do that she/he likes about you and cherish it.

Traveling & dating: The fear of cheating and betrayal

Are you afraid your partner might cheat on you when traveling?

Then you should ask yourself: are you afraid you could easily cheat on your partner?

The thing is, people have cheated previously or have doubts about their capability to not betray tend to be the most jealous type of person.

On the contrary, if you know you appreciate and love the relationship you have with your partner and you’re aware of what you could lose, the idea of cheating won’t probably even cross your mind.

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The truth is that jealousy won’t stop betray from happening. If it has to happen it will happen. Jealousy will only create more tension in your relationship.

The thing that you really have to think is if you trust your partner. If you do, that’s great because you won’t have to fear him/her cheating on you.

If you don’t trust your partner, then perhaps you should ask yourself if you’re in the right relationship.

The same applies if your partner is traveling while being in a relationship with you.

Do you guys trust each other?

If yes, enjoy sharing your new experiences together.

If not, then maybe it is time to look for a better match!

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