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The secret of a perfect balance between Love and personal space

Last Update : May 11, 2019 by Sarah

Love can sometimes be asphyxiating.

It seems that we tend to think that the more we love the more we should be there, with our loved one, all the time, showing our lover how much we love him/her.

Love is a great weapon against almost every ugly thing in life, but it can also be a powerful tool to gradually erase individuality and personal space.

Do you tend to cross the fine line between love and personal space?

The importance of giving space in a relationship

Almost every successful relationship could agree on the same common ground: the importance of giving some space to each other.

Love can’t be forced with omnipresence, but love also needs to be missed, to be seen… basically, love needs for two people to allow each other to be, to exist.

Personal space is one of the basic requirements for a long-term relationship to work. Without it, a relationship would fall into dependency and neediness.

Added to that, if you actually start to give some space to your partner you will see how your intimacy increases, and how your desire gets boosted.

Indeed, if you do the experiment of giving space you will see how your partner becomes much more attractive when engaging into activities without you (even more if you have the chance to see him engaging in those activities).

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Maintaining your life outside your relationship

Another important problem of couples that fail to respect each other’s space is that they tend to little by little forget their life prior to their relationship.

It involves mainly friends. When you are in a relationship, friendship shifts from single friends to starting to go out on double dates.

Quite often, both partners stop to go out with their friends, they stop to do plans that don’t involve the other partner and basically they create a real dependency on their partners.

Usually, those relationships tend to be disastrous when they end has their lives literally stop to exist.

Suddenly one person can’t exist without the other because he/she has forgotten how to live by him/herself.

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If you want to build a healthy and strong relationship while maintaining your individuality and friendships intact, make sure to respect your partner’s space.

Giving each other space is the clue to success in lasting romantic relationships.

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