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Find your next partner for a one night stand

Last Update : March 16, 2016

If you’ve been single for a while, or at least not in a relationship, you may have heard of, known, sampled or even regularly indulged in casual encounters: one night stands with no strings attached. No strings, no commitment, just two people meeting up for nothing but sex. The days of “No sex before marriage” are a distant memory, and these days, people are very open minded. Women are no longer tied to the kitchen sink, and issues such as contraception, demanding work schedules, celibacy, open relationships and threesomes are no longer issues to be shy about. Formerly taboo subjects are now openly discussed on TV, in public and in the media. Many single people don’t want the commitment which comes with a relationship, or just aren’t ready to settle down, and a “friends with benefits” arrangement is the perfect solution.

Purely Physical

It’s completely possible to be with someone purely for the physical aspect. If you don’t want to be alone, but still want to enjoy a sexual relationship, it’s a great way to tackle your libido. There are plenty of people out there who aren’t interested in the emotional and psychological ties a relationship can bring, and only want a partner who can feed their sexual appetite. They can just call up their partner, and arrange an evening where both get to indulge in their perfect fantasy, then walk away and go back to their regular life.

Perhaps you just want to introduce some excitement into your life? The sort of thrills that you wouldn’t get from being in a long term relationship would be guaranteed during an encounter with a virtual stranger.

One Night Stands

Despite their differences, men and women can both agree that they enjoy sex. The thrill of the chase, the seduction, the flirting and the desires are a big part of that – whether you’re in a committed long term relationship or just seeking someone to have a bit of fun with and satisfy our primal urges.

Having a one night stand is very much a throwback to the cave men of our past. Humans may have evolved, but the internet has helped bring us back to our historic sexual beginnings.


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