Online Dating Guide

“Kittenfishing”: The new online dating phenomenon

Looking for love online can be an amazing experience, but modern dating comes with a negative side: anything can happen on the Internet, and it does not necessarily have to be good! Catfishing, ghosting, benching… Singles need to open their eyes widely to these dating trends if they do not[…]

Online dating: These words are the ones that attract more singles!

An image is worth a thousand times. In online dating taking care of your image when creating a profile is as important as the way you break the ice with other singles when sending your first message. Even though that your main photo is the first thing that other online[…]

What are the most appealing dating profile photos?

Beauty always lies in the eyes of the beholder. However, for unknown reasons, some profiles are more attractive than others. A recent research by eHarmony revealed that Millennial singles are not as obsessed with physical attraction when it comes to dating as previous generations. But appearance has always been, and[…]

Dating app to protect singles from romance criminals

The Internet has opened the doors to romance 2.0. Singles from all over the country rely on dating sites, and app to connect with each other, meet someone special, and get involved in a love story or meet in just a few clicks. Nonetheless, users’ privacy and security is still[…]

Online dating: addiction or pastime?

The Internet and the new technologies have shaped the way singles date nowadays. Finding a new partner no longer depends on destiny, being at the right place at the right moment, or on giving a chance to someone from your social circle who shares common views expecting to see what[…]

Where to find attractive singles?

A relationship should be based on, among other aspects, the level of emotional and intellectual connection the parts have. Despite many people argue that looks should not be important when looking for a life-time partner, it is obvious that physical attraction, having chemistry, is also extremely relevant, although not the[…]

The secrets of “sugar” relationships

If you ask someone what defines a romantic relationship, the answer probably will be something like a connection between two individuals who have a physical and emotional connection. However, relationships and dating have evolved through the years. Now you can find hopeless romantics looking for a long-term partner on matchmaking[…]

Am I ready for a long-distance relationship?

I have just found an interesting partner on a dating site and he seems to be the perfect partner, the one I was searching for – but he’s living far from me: what should I do now?

Senior Dating: Love might be found online!

Internet is not only for a certain age range and so is love! You would just need a computer, an internet connection, and a bit (a lot?) of dedication to start your pursuit of love. Usually, we link online dating sites to people between the ages of 20 – 35, usually categorized in the[…]

Matchmaking dating sites: when maths help finding love.

You are single and looking for your other half. You want to multiply dates to finally find your soulmate and you know that matchmaking dating sites have become a privileged hunted field. Nevertheless, you do not know with which site to begin. But before starting you have to determine what[…]

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