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New study reveals the 3 secrets of online dating and playing out of your league is one of them.

If you thought success in love couldn’t be measured by science, this new study might change your point of view. Online dating has become very popular as some of the best dating sites have managed to change the lives of many singles by helping them to find a meaningful relationship.[…]

long distance relationship

How to make a long-distance relationship work

How to make a long-distance relationship work has become nowadays one of the biggest challenges that some couples have to face. After all, we do live in quite a dynamic society which asks us sometimes to move to one place to another, and before you even realize, your relationship might[…]

Step by step : How to meet singles

Top 5 Places to meet Singles [The Cheat Sheet]

Single people tend to have the same complaint: it is hard to meet other single people. But is it really hard? With the boom of apps and sites to interact and meet new friends, people are more connected than ever. But is that a good thing? Does it make it[…]

Holiday Dating – How to add mistletoe to your love life

The holiday season is a great time to get out there and get to know new people if you are single and are looking to find a partner. Contrary to popular belief, people don’t go into dating hibernation during the winter period; many people are single and looking for love.[…]

Cooking & Dating: A new concept

Love comes when you don’t expect it. As a single person, these words are often in your mind and there are a lot of questions also: but where? when? how? Go on dates..go on THE date… There are many opportunities to meet someone in life but is it actually enough[…]

Dating again: are you ready for this new adventure?

Maybe being single is not a status that is convenient for you and you are willing to live another love story. You have to know that after living a story with someone, your expectations have evolved and you know better what you want after a breakup. Being ready to date[…]

I want to find someone to build a serious relationship but what is it actually?

Most of single people who are ready to get involved in a long-term relationship often say: “I’m looking for a serious relationship”. In reality, how can we define this type of relationship and why is it so complicated to find? First, you need to compare relationships between them and find[…]

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