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Dating as Sigourney Weaver

Last Update : March 3, 2017

The decade of the 80s became cinematically very relevant thanks to those movies that included strong and independent feminine protagonists.

These females redefined cinema roles and powerfully influenced a generation of women.

Ladies like the actress Sigourney Weaver and her role as Lieutenant Ripley in the sci-fi saga “Alien” represented what today is known as the modern girl who is qualified enough to stand on its own feet.

How would it be to date a woman like Sigourney Weaver?

Dating a strong and independent woman

The dating world has changed over the years.

Traditional gender roles are not a “thing” anymore.

Nowadays, women such as Weaver and the characters she portrayed on those classic sci-fi movies, are more open and self-reliant when it comes to meet single men, initiating a long-term relationship and make it work.

A modern single woman is that one who no longer depends financially and emotionally from men.

This does not mean that she cannot fall in love, but her strong character makes her in control to decide who she wants to romantically be with and choose, if she wants, to enjoy singledom with no pressure.

Moreover, as Weaver’s Ripley, modern single women are not afraid of taking the initiative, not even when is time to date or having a relationship.

If she finds the perfect man that makes her feel butterflies in her stomach, why should not try seduce him?

Keeping the flame alive is core in a relationship

Weaver has always kept her love life in private.

Before she got married, the were rumours about her being romantically involved with some of her co-stars like Bill Murray or Mel Gibson.

She has had three public partners. She had a love story with the actor James McClure that lasted a few months.

Later, she had a relationship with the American journalist Aaron Latham for a year.

After that, in 1984, she got married to the love of her life: the film and stage director Jim Simpson with whom she has a daughter.

It seems that their relationship is as strong and passionate as the first day.

For many couples, keeping the flame alive after so many years is extremely hard, but this is one of the ingredients that makes a healthy relationship work. Couple goals!

Weaver still working on keep all the magic after 32 years of marriage.

A recent set of photos, where the actress appeared being very affectionate with his husband during a punt ride in Cambridge, proves that when there is love, respect and you do everything that is in your hands to keep the spark alive, what time does is to make your commitment stronger!

*Photo by Tinseltown | ShutterStock.

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