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Am I ready for a long-distance relationship?

Last Update : July 24, 2015

I have just found an interesting partner on a dating site and he seems to be the perfect partner, the one I was searching for – but he’s living far from me: what should I do now?

You opened your search to a circle of singles living far away from you and you found the one who could be the right one. You are wondering whether you should stop the contact or continue texting and speaking to him, taking the risk to fall in love.

Could you imagine a long-distance relationship?

First of all, this situation might happen on dating sites when you don’t locate your partner’s research area. There is no standard advice to give. Each situation will be individually different. All we can tell you is to imagine what can happen and you have to think for yourself whether you could imagine a long-distance relationship or not. Sure this question is not easy to answer. It can be very frustrating to see each other only during weekends or twice a month. There are people who prefer to stay independent while being in a relationship and who can manage this kind of relationship without suffering from the distance.
Be aware that if you carry on chatting with this partner, you may fall in love with him and will probably have to find solutions to solve your distance issues.

Plan your first date in real life

The next step would be to meet each other as you can check if your mutual attraction is confirmed in real life. You could decide to meet somewhere between your places: no one would have to travel all the way long. Otherwise, if you meet in one of your places, you could share the travel costs. For a first date, it might be better not to sleep together but to take a room in a hotel. If the date doesn’t go well, you won’t be in the uncomfortable situation to sleep at the same place.

Manage the future of your relationship

If everything goes well after some time, you would probably like getting closer to each other. One of you will have to move, but this is a big decision which depends of your works and willingness to pass this step and leave your familiar place. This can take some time, better not rush it. Keep in mind that if you continue dating this partner, everything can evolve well and you could end up happy together living in the same place.
If you both are deciding to start a long-distance relationship, you should know for yourself if you are ready to travel a lot and, therefore, sacrifice parts of your free time. The money may also be an issue, as traveling remains expensive, depending the distance between you two:  2 to 6 hours flying might change the deal!
Finally, advising you to take on a long-distance relationship remains on how you feel it. You must evaluate the positive and negative aspects and ask yourself if you could manage it on a long term. Anyway, if you’ve got a crush on someone who’s living far from you, you must discuss about your own motivations to start a long-distance love romance. Communication remains the key for a successful relationship, even from Europe to America!

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