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I want to find someone to build a serious relationship but what is it actually?

Last Update : July 8, 2015

Most of single people who are ready to get involved in a long-term relationship often say: “I’m looking for a serious relationship”. In reality, how can we define this type of relationship and why is it so complicated to find?

First, you need to compare relationships between them and find what differentiate them from one another. You know already what is not “serious” like meeting someone just to have sex or meeting a married person: it is clear that the expectations are not the same as yours currently.

Once we’ve set apart these relationships, we can focus on what can be a serious relationship.

So here are the characteristics that are essential to a long-term relationship:

  • Reciprocity: feelings are (obviously) shared
  • Long-term notion (may not be your entire life but still…) : it is a relationship where you can make projects and plans together and the notion of common future is real.
  • Sharing: it may be basic things such as hobbies, activities, nights..Doing things together and feel each other presence is key. If your partner wants to see you when he doesn’t have better plans, let him go!
  • Being yourself: in some relationships, we may not feel totally comfortable to be ourselves. We are kind of acting and trying to show the best of us (which is human) but this is not who we truly are.
  • Family and friends: you know his family, you are officially in a relationship and you spend time with his friends and yours.
  • Trust: of course, we cannot build something without trust. It is a key word in a relationship and no need to develop!
  • Efforts: everybody’s got flaws but we can do with it. Efforts must be made by everyone to make things better and compromises are key!

In conclusion, this might not be an exhaustive list but it gives you a small idea of what you can expect in a serious relationship.

How to find it is another topic…

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